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About the Collection By any standards, 1911 was a momentous period in world history – shaped by scientific discovery, political uprising, and cultural progress. It was also the year in which The University of Hong Kong was founded for the “promotion of learning, arts, science, and research”, so that students of all races, nationalities, and creeds could fulfill their potential to achieve a better life. This year, we are honoring the 111th Anniversary of HKU with the release of our first ever NFT art works. This special series pays tribute to the women and men who have committed their lives to the University, as well as the current generation of academic leaders who use their skills, knowledge, and compassion to serve their communities. The NFTs have been created using rarely seen images from the HKU Archives. As a collection, they document people, places, and moments including an embroidered satin scroll presented to Sir Frederick Lugard, the original architectural drawings of our Main Building, and the visit by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in 1923. Each work tells a unique story. We are setting-up HKU Heritage Fund that will further promote our heritage while leveraging the opportunities that technology gives us. A mobile platform has been set up to support various payment methods. As a token of appreciations, a postcard featuring Our Main Building will be sent to each supporter of HKU111 NFT as a souvenir. Thank you for supporting HKU through this dynamic journey of art, culture and discovery. 1911年確實是世界上一個重要的時刻:科學發現、政治變革、文化發展,勾勒出時代的輪廓。香港大學亦是在這一年奠基,務求促進學術、藝術、科學研究,致令各國各族各種信仰的學生能夠盡展所長,成就更美好的生活。 今年,為紀念香港大學111周年,我們首次推出數字藏品(NFT)。此系列藏品非常獨特,特別鳴謝為大學付出貢獻的人,同時向現今的學術領袖致敬,讚頌他們不單善用其知識、技能,同時關懷服務社群。 我們的設計團隊從香港大學檔案館裡挑選了一些罕見的相片,整合後創作了這系列數字藏品,記錄了重要的人物、地方及珍貴時刻,包括贈送予盧吉爵士的絹本刺繡掛軸、本部大樓的建築原圖及孫中山博士於1923年到訪的照片。每幅作品均在訴說著獨特的故事。 我們已成立一個特別基金,善用新科技帶來的機遇,用以推廣保育大學的歷史建築,並推出手機平台,以支援不同付款方式。為感謝閣下支持,我們將送贈本部大樓明信片乙張至府上。感謝閣下支持香港大學,一同探索及感受藝術文化之旅。


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