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DTTD's in-app display of an NFT along with the crypto wallet holder's information and pricing
DTTD's in-app chat function showing two NFT wallet holders messaging
DTTD's in-app display of the "Structure" NFT with prices in ethereum, and tags

We connect the dots between NFTs current utility and future value ​

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One place for your NFTs in blue and green gradient
DTTD's in-app display of the "Ponzi Rugs Collection: Ponzi Rugs #292" NFT with prices in ethereum, and tags
GalaXY Kats Universe Collection: GalaXY Kats #5603
Swampverse NFT Collection: Swamper #2579 toad

View NFTs Your Own Way

Manage NFTs across multiple crypto wallets in one place, curated with your own tags!

Know What Your Friends Are Doing

Follow your friends and other NFT wallets! One tap to grow your community!

DTTD's in-app display of the NFT wallet follow feature

Chat Directly with Other Wallets

See an NFT and want to talk to the wallet owner? Now you can start a conversation with them!


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DTTD Founders

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Bosco Lin

Co-founder & CEO

A marathon runner who loves to eat...a lot

Chris Cheung web3 Profile Icon, Swaperverse Collection: Swamper #1717

Chris Cheung

Co-founder & CTO

My son is named after a character in a William Gibson novel.